Choose your life

I’m not sure everything happens for a reason. I think everything happens for a bunch of reasons, and our lives our made up of little decisions and small changes every day.

Let’s say you go for an interview for your dream job. You go home and wait for the call that doesn’t come. So you choose to lower your stakes and find something safer. You get this job.

On the way to the office you step in a muddy puddle that ruins your suit. You bring it to the dry cleaners. While on line, an older man chats you up about life and eventually you find out he’s the CEO of a major company. So charmed by your friendliness, he offers you an interview. You nail it.

Months go by and you feel like this one is better than your old dream job. You chose to take the other job which ended up landing you this one. Then one night you go to company dinner where you meet this amazingly handsome man. You think he’s so good looking, and you’ve never seen anything like him. He asks for you number.

You grab dinner. But he’s dry and your conversation is minimal. Your waiter senses the mood, meanwhile he thinks you’re beautiful. At the end of the meal he slips you his number. You’re not sure about the situation, but you decide to give it a try.

You fall madly in love and it was all because you went out on a whim. It’s funny how timing and sometimes being in the wrong place at the right time, works out.

Live through these moments. Some may be shitty, but the shitty ones bring you to the beautiful ones. Look for these, and enjoy both. Because sometimes you need the bad things to find the good.

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