First, I would like to tell you about myself and things I enjoy and about our country life. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 33 years. We have two daughters who are super amazing. Two grandchildren, both boys and they are the highlight of my life. My Poppa asked me 16 years ago if I would sell my house if he and Mom gave us some land at their farm. So, we sold our house and built a country home behind my parents. Tho, Pop didn’t live to see our home completed I know he is smiling.

We raise about an acre garden each year. We always plant the same thing most of the time. Green beans, purple hull peas, okra, always between 25–30 tomato plant, and we give most of those away, squash, zucchini, watermelon and cantaloupe.

I love to pick the wild blackberries on the farm to make jam. I usually get two or three flats of strawberries and make jam and strawberry butter. My favorite is peach and pear preserves. Cooking is a great passion of mine. I try to make things from scratch as much as possible. I enjoy cleaning and using essential oils as much as possible. I will read anything I can get my hands on lol. Another great passion is interior design, I have taken several classes on interior design.

Each week I hope to bring you interesting videos and little tales about our week. I will mostly do a variety of shows but if there is something you want to know always tell me and I will try my best to accommodate you.

Here’s to many great things ahead and be sure to catch me on Vibly Experts with my videos.

Patty Laxton