Launching Into The Deep

The day has finally come, that very special date on which I promised myself to start blogging on Medium and become serious about it or at least commit to being intentional about my writing, I need to stop depriving the world of this awesomeness God has gifted to me, all in the name of waiting to first learn creative writing or read enough English to feel confident enough to put my writing out there for the whole world to critique.

It’s time to launch into the deeper waters because I’ve been swimming too close to the shores which probably explains why the results I’ve been getting have also been disheartening. Thank God I saw the light at the end of this tunnel and when I took off a couple of months to make sure that the light I was seeing was not from a train waiting to hit me but rather an invitation to wonder in the unknown, I can with confidence and mostly faith say that the light source is like the one David, the psalmist wrote or rather sung about in Psalms 119:105

This journey am starting today is a familiar one, the only difference this time Is that it has a whole new direction and excitement to it and for me it’s a whole new adventure which is why I actually can’t wait to get done with this post and even start on another one and another one.

The year 2017 was the year of Perfection, Biblical scholars say that, the number 7 represents Perfection (You can look it up). Therefore, armed with that new information, I decided that indeed my 2017 had to take on some form of perfection, we can argue about what perfection means in this context but in my world I did experience a whole lot of it so much that no one can convince me otherwise unless of course that person is God.

I took it even a step further by setting my goals for 2017 and looking back a year later, in my simple interpretation of the events, it was indeed a year of perfection which would only mean that 2018 has no choice but to align itself with my perfect streak, if you’re still reading this post then I’m definitely smelling some of that perfection already.

After consuming so much content from the hard working Medium writers that spend hundreds of hours creating content, I must say am very impressed and challenged at the same time because I don’t want to just be a spectator and a consumer.

I want to be part of the story,

I want to create the story,

I want, above all to tell the story and tell it to the best of my ability, an ability which is still under construction thanks to my desire to endlessly learn and be taught by those that have walked along this same journey, as James Prescott puts it in his book, Dance of a Writer, I’m still discovering my Authentic Voice.

Welcome to my medium blog, let the adventure begin.

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