Art a Lifestyle — Life a Dialogue


As we become more able to express ourselves in an effective way, we begin to drive the choices we have at our own speed. Instead of being at the mercy of relentless and unforgiving gatekeepers of progress, we can create an opening towards a brighter beginning.

Maybe the whole of humanity is a manifestation of this type of control. Of course, when I get off my high horse, the control is inside my head. In fact, it’s in the mirror, in my heart. Amazing really, here I am at nearly sixty years old and only just beginning to get the idea.

It seems, that yes there are gatekeepers who hold the keys to progress. Perhaps these characters will begin to see that the time has come to throw the doors open. In a creative sense is it not true that the openness of sharing everything allows more making to organically occur.

Consequently, the value much needed in society is able to filter to all of humanity instead of being blocked by a few owners of wealth and prosperity. My thoughts are now how to embrace a bright future instead of condemning the coming centuries to thoughts of disaster.

Surely this creative energy that exists in all life will surprise all of us as it begins to manifest in the lives of all ordinary people and unite them, bringing solutions where suffering is at its most pernicious.

Yes in our minds, the same as those who stand next to us. Once we begin to nurture the desire for the happiness of those around us then the sadness that pervades every corner of our planet will begin to evaporate like dew in the morning sun.

All a conversation with ourselves and others. A dialogue between our living cells and their responses to the environment around us. Do we continue to chase an illusive dream of a life with no problems, or wake up to the reality that when we face our obstacles and embrace them as our treasures they are no longer obstacles but instead challenges.

As we are going to face death at sometime or another, is it only too clear that its best to live life to its fullest potential?

Patrick Turner-Lee