“Fake News” — New Fakes

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All the hype around fake news over the last couple of years. Is this a culmination or a manifestation of a reality that we have been subject to for most of my life?

It is clear when we investigate any socio-political situation it is inevitably a result of an incredible malaise of complex human relationships. Indeed does not history show us that it is the frailty of the human condition that colours decisions and outcomes in all of our days to day encounters.

So what isn’t fake news? How often are we subject to an edited version of life? In fact, it would be difficult to condense into a few paragraphs of journalism lifetimes of incorrect behaviours that have led to the plethora of global suffering that we witness today.

So surely it is our ability to develop the wisdom to take the news with a pinch of salt; recognising that it is a reflection of societies inability to take extreme ownership for the causes that generations of human beings have made.

Sure we can write masses of article and essays justifying the actions of our forefathers or condemning them. The best way to move forward I feel is for me to become aware of the part that I play in the world and do my best to be open and able to have meaningful dialogue with the person standing in front of me.

This needs to be with the awareness that my opinions and understanding are as flawed as anybodies; due to the overarching reality that my ability to grasp the intensity and depth of situations is naturally limited.

In conclusion, maybe it is more accurate to recognise that “fake news” is made for fakes. Let’s treasure the person in front of us and own up to our desire to help each other improve the lot for the future generations by listening and moving forward instead of criticising and complaining

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Patrick Turner-Lee