Is Money the Great Equalizer For Women?
Sallie Krawcheck

As a banker’s daughter, I was raised with a healthy respect for money — there are pictures of 6-year-old me sitting on Daddy’s lap reading the WSJ. While I never pursued great riches, I am now affluent enough to be in the investor class.

Money is a wonderful thing for women. Possessing a “fuck off fund” (or perhaps a generous and helpful aunt) means you don’t need to tolerate a sexist boss or a useless husband. I want ALL the young women in my life to have access to education and rewarding careers.

What I find much more meaningful than building up my nest egg, though, is being able to contribute to my community. Many advisors would tell me that I am making a mistake by giving away as much as I do, and perhaps I am. But you can’t take it with you.

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