Why Bother To Blog When Nobody Is Reading ?
Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani

I needed that. As a VERY new and anxious-to-get-started writer on Medium, I realized after my third post that there may never be an audience, so why am I doing this? I could just write in my journal where I can continue to be my only reader. My writing and posting, however, keeps me going back to Medium where I get hooked by the wonderful titles and I am reading more writing by more writers than I was before, and that is a very good thing! The posts can be instructive. They can be inspirational. Some are sad, some are political, some teach life’s lessons, and some, like yours, offer what appears to be very good advice. So each day I come here, and each day I learn or read something new. After heeding the advice in this article, I will write and post my 4th Medium piece today! Thank you!