He the Gift

There is a gift which many of us have forgotten about; as hours, days, weeks and even years pass by. It wasn’t until earlier today that I noticed this gift and stopped taking it for granted.

I was sitting in my room watching the clock tick. “Tick- Tock, Tick-Tock”… I sat there waiting and waiting the only difference was that I was no longer in my room, I was at a party, with all my friends. Everyone laughing, fooling around and acting like teenagers. I stared for a while at everyone and no one, I thought about so many things, joyful times, frustrating times, getting to one memory. Remembering the time where I did nothing for a whole week. I just existed in this world I ate, locked myself in a room and slept. A whole week passed me by. I kept rewinding this memory in my head as I kept staring at everything. Why? Why would I just exist? This question haunted me for another 10 minutes. Finally, I snapped back into the present, this time everyone was laughing and cheering; they were playing and being childish in the best way possible. I had just missed 45 minutes of good old fun, taking that gift for granted. The gift we all forget.

I will now stop referring to the gift as “gift” and refer to it as “he”. He who gives us knowledge and makes us wiser. He who acts like our medicine, our own personal cure. Who gives us opportunity and chances. Who teaches us lessons and tell us bed stories when we can’t sleep at night. Who lets us develop through him. This “he” is one which we all know, some of us know him too well and some are starting to know him. Well “he” knows us all, too well.

This “he”, this “gift” I am talking about, is described in one word… Time. Time is our greatest friend. It has been there since we were born and will stay in this world for ever. It lets us grow and learn as “he” ticks. It makes our wounds hurt less every day that passes by. Teaching us about history and our past, always with a story in mind. Because of time we grow, develop and smile.

Yes time gives us a lot, that is if we use him wisely; however if we take him for granted, time gets mad. I lost a whole week because I forgot about all the things I could have been doing. All the things that my friend time gives me. I missed 45 minutes with my best friends because I thought I would have too much time. I forgot the importance of a minute.

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