Oh! My life saving checklists. I love them. They make me feel organized, productive and as if I were finally getting all my life in order. Recently I have been making so many checklists. Checklists for everything, things I need to buy, homework I need to finish and even a life checklist.

6:35 pm Wednesday afternoon, I had an IA Biology paper, a spanish presentation with an interview, this blog post, a threaded discussion on reviving dinosaurs and a french worksheet, all for the next day.

As usual I started doing my homework checklist.

6:40–7:10 = Threaded Discussion

7:15–8:15 = IA Biology Paper

8:15–8:45 = Spanish presentation

8:45–9:00 = Blog post.

You get it.

That night, I went to sleep at 9:30, I was so tired I barely studied for my math test. You see every day I do a homework checklist, it helps me get everything done. Besides isn’t it so satisfying to finally cross out what you have done? — to be honest I even add on extra things I’ve already finished;just for the pleasure of crossing them

The next day went by and as I stared to my white bed sheets, I found myself with a pen and paper in hand; writing everything that made my life important. Every detailed, person, place that impacted me and that mattered to me.

I drew a circle and around the circle I wrote the things and activities that made me, me… I wrote surfing, family, the ocean, my friends, yoga, boxing, laughing, education, love, health etc. I then rated them from 1 to 10, 1 being I was so unsatisfied with that part of my life and 10 being I am in joy with that side of my life. This is how I did it. I drew a dot in the middle on the circle, the closer I was to the dot the more i needed to work on that part of me. It was interesting to visually see the unbalance life I am leaving.

I decided to make one of my life saving checklists with objectives on how to become a better daughter, to connect more with the ocean, to do more yoga etc. I decided that as I went on to fix or put together my life, I would check each section off once I thought it was on an 8 or more.

I felt an emptiness inside, yet this emptiness eagered me to keep writing goals to accomplish. With every letter I wrote, I felt a little more hope that I was finally getting my life together.

Time passed, I kept swinging myself in my hammock thinking what else I wanted to “get together”.

I finished my glass of juice, my computer beeped “It’s 10:00 o’clock”. Like always I answered to my computer with a “oh, thank you”. As simple as that my life saving checklist got pushed a side and I went to sleep.

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