Get out of your Business Comfort Zone!

In case you have already completed the typical business internships in consulting companies & Co. you are probably meanwhile professional in building slides and you know all the business methodologies. But how about the world of apps and websites? Are you ready to learn everything about SaaS Businesses, UX and all the trending developments in the Start-Up Scene? In case I caught your intention, read below what a “typical” day at Paua Ventures looks like:

You will screen incoming Pitch Decks, which will take quite some time in the beginning, as you don’t want to be the one, who proposes to decline “the next Facebook”, but you will become a pro after the first weeks. You will know what to look at, what questions you will be asked by the team when discussing the deal and most importantly: On which deal to spend some time and on which one not. Once the discussions about the deal advance, you will also have the chance to analyse the company’s financials and meet the founders, which is both very interesting.

When doing Proactive Dealflow, you have less information (not everything provided in Pitch Decks is available publicly). However, you will probably browse through sectors, cities and events and you will look at Start-Ups always in comparison to similar ones, not as a singular company. For me this task was very enjoyable, as you could learn a lot about specific sectors, for instance logistics or 3D printing, that you would not get in touch with in your everyday life.

If Paua’s Portfolio Companies need some help or an outsider’s opinion… You are the man! You will learn how to perform some hands-on tasks. These include, for instance, to develop strategies for reaching more customers, assess the company’s onboarding process, their new website, their app. Or you might be involved in some online marketing, such as the analysis of Google Analytics or blogger relations.

Learn as much as you can

Basically, it doesn’t matter what topic you are working on. Whether it is something in online marketing or a call with a founder. You should just try to put as much effort into the work as you can in order to take home as many lessons learned as you can. Just be yourself, let the rest of the team know what you are interested in to work on, and I am sure you will have an amazing time!

About the author


Esther completed a three months Venture Capital internship from end of March to mid of June 2017. She has a double Bachelor degree in International Business and Business Management and studied in Germany (Reutlingen University), the UK (Edinbourgh Napier University) and China (Donghua University Shanghai). She gained working experience as an intern amongst others at Golding Capital Partners and KPMG. She lived one year in Bolivia, loves sports and traveling.