Paua Enterprise Portfolio Day 2019

On 21st March 2019, the Paua Enterprise Software family met in Berlin for our Enterprise Portfolio Day — an event full of insights and discussions. This post summarizes key take-aways and hands-on founder-to-founder hacks.

The Paua Enterprise Software family

B2B Content Marketing
Andrus Purde (Outfunnel CEO and former Pipedrive CMO)

  • Know your category awareness (can customers put a name tag on your product?) and urgency (customers may know your product, but do they look for it?)
  • Take a broad pick of channels based on whether category awareness/ urgency is high or low (high: search, reviews, etc.; low: PR, “Viral”, etc.)
  • Choose keywords based on a keyword SWOT analysis incl. keyword search volume, difficulty and relevancy to reach the right people
  • Map keyword-specific search listings to compare different keywords through a “channel opportunity matrix”
  • Ask for referrals — your most profitable channel — early, but don’t overdo it

B2B Performance Marketing
Björn Sjut (Finc3 Founder and BizMut Marketing MD)

  • Measure all marketing efforts (you can’t improve what you don’t measure)
  • Never let a potential lead go unnoticed — tools such as Leadworx and Leadfeeder help to analyze who visits your website and how often
  • Use white-label e-learning platforms such as Thinkific to generate leads through educational content
  • Create a fear of missing out by providing relevant information at the right time to leads in your sales funnel

B2B Sales
Toni Perez Navarro (The SaaS Institute Founder and CEO)

  • Sales shouldn’t be based on the individual talent of sales staff, but on a systematic approach outlined in a playbook orchestrating sales activities
  • Implement systems that produce real-time sales KPIs to figure out what you can do more successfully
  • Accompany prospects through the process of learning/ decision-making and tailor a specific opportunity which they cannot reject

Perspectives on Enterprise Sales
BCG Digital Ventures

  • Pitch corporates a co-innovation opportunity by offering them active involvement in product development
  • Trigger a strong need for your product addressing existing pain points
  • Convince employees who would use your solution daily, not only C-levels
Challenging our ideas

Build and Maintain Great Culture
Constanze Buchheim (i-potentials Founder and Managing Partner)

  • Hire slow, fire fast
  • Understand your USP to build a unique cultural value around it
  • Define job-specific hiring criteria to match employee personality and role
  • Ensure that employees’ personal values are aligned with company culture
  • Include interview questions testing relevant character traits

Founding Signavio
Gero Decker (Signavio Founder and CEO)

  • Optimize sales activities no matter how good your product is
  • Invest in accomplished sales people early and involve the founder in sales/ customer success to teach customers how to maximize product value
  • Understand how much customers value your product to optimize pricing
  • Hire early employees that could become your best friends
Getting inspired by first-hand insights on how to build a unicorn

The Paua Enterprise Portfolio Day 2019 was an ideal opportunity to leverage the Paua community that we are incredibly proud of. We welcomed 32 guests, hosted 7 insightful sessions, drank 83 cups of coffee, ate 25 cinnamon rolls and handed out 35 “backed by Paua” hoodies, excluding the statistics from the dinner that followed. :-) We had a great time discussing and reflecting on challenges, taking away actionable advice on how to address them and — last but not least — connecting with the Paua family. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success. We are looking forward to the next Portfolio Day!

Wrapping up the event over dinner