I am getting to the basics with Ruby

Now I study the Ruby programming language. I wanted to study Ruby on Rails, but have been stuck with it. I assumed that I know the basics as I have been programming to several different programming languages during my life. But this cannot be further from the truth.

After I’ve read my first programming books on Pascal, C and C++ I haven read a whole book on particular programming language. I’ve been participating courses, reading through W3Schools but have never finished whole book about programming because I assumed that if I know the basics I would only need to get “the essentials” of the new language — how is it different than the others and how to define variables, classes, functions...

The problem is that I wasn’t “getting the basics” at all. And thus I couldn’t become more proficient in any of the new languages and technologies I’ve learnt though the years — Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Drupal, Wordpress. I can read code written in all of them. I am even able to maintain and support an application written in any of that languages (or build a little site or two). But I am not able to build a brand new application because I have not developed craftsmanship — when I start a project I am stuck in the basics and cannot move on.

I want to participate in the internship program at Basecamp and I decided to learn Ruby on Rails. After watching some videos at Rails for Zombies, I found that the lectures sound Chinese for me. Even if Ruby on Rails shares many of the concepts of other languages, they are implemented somehow different. This is partially by design and partially because of the base language — Ruby — which is different than all “C like” languages out there. Here I have no advantage of “knowing” a C like language.

I need to start from the beginning.

Every time I’ve been learning a new language or a framework, I was in a hurry to learn it fast. I wanted to find magical shortcuts so I could start working right tomorrow with the new thing and to earn my precious money.

However, this pursuit have not helped me a lot. For sure I am able to reach “maintenance” ability. But then I do not move very much.

Now I intend to do it differently. I will study Ruby and Ruby on Rails as if I have never programmed before. I will open the book (Beginning Ruby from Apress or at Amazon) and will make every single assignment no matter how dumb it looks like (do not promise to read every single word, though).

I want to understand the basics — “the Ruby way” of doing things. After that I will deal with Ruby on rails.