I want to work remotely

I love my boy. He is 5 years old bright curios boy. Here is the dialogue we have almost every night:

  • I love you, daddy!
  • I love you too, my dear!
  • Good night, daddy.
  • Good night, my dear.
  • Bye, daddy.
  • By, my dear.

I want to help him grow a decent person with love for God and with respect for his neighbor. So my wife and I decided to give him a home education. He is a homeschooler.

Homeschooling of 1–4 years old doesn’t seem as much. You let the child to play all day long and that is his duty. But since recently he became more interested about the world and more eager to do interesting stuff. Me too, to be honest. Every day he asks:

“What are we gong to do today?”.

I’d like to answer “We are going to build a railway from the bedroom to the kitchen” or “We are going to save the princess and defeat the bad dragon”, but instead, I say something like:

We are going to walk a little and after that we are going to eat and then you go to sleep and daddy will go to work.

To which every time he answers “I don’t want to sleep” and “Don’t go to work, please”.

The problem is that we are passing now though a hard time. We had a second child recently and my wife is taking rest most of the time. This means that if we want to continue homeschooling I must find a way to be at home more time.

The remote work seems as a valuable option.

I am a fan of work at home for a long time – since I’ve read the book “REMOTE – office not required” by Jason Fried and DHH (and maybe others) from Basecamp.

Every night we pray together with this prayer:

Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit, give me a good rest and make me a great warrior.

Last week we added to the prayer:

and let daddy work from home or take me to work with him.