East Meets West

An installation for the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong


Highlighting behavioural diversity between traditions and cultures

For the Business of Design Week of Hong Kong, we set up an interactive installation at the PMQ center and for two weeks we visualized both similarities and differences between western and eastern cultures.

Data Strings generated a series of specific questions that tried to make the public reflect on their own reality connecting aspects of their life such as their age or gender with questions related to their opinion or way of life.

From individual data towards a collective point of view

Each individual participated by bringing their own information to a growing map of opinions and demographic data from other people, comparing themselves with a bigger picture and understanding common answers amongst other participants.

In an environment full of screens people are more eager than ever to interact in a much more physical way. In this case we transformed small acts into data points, and it was with the sum of all the participants that a bigger and more complex structure was being created, a fabric sculpture that was at the same time a piece of easy to read visualization by everyone.

Data Strings generates dialogue between institutions and strangers. This wall was an open space where the audience was able to perceive, understand and communicate with an organisation in a much more freely way than they are used to.

When you can visualise and express what you are thinking, it becomes a bigger and more important story.

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