After Martin Benson’s fantastic February talk on AI in Credit Scoring (slides), we took a hands-on look at learning based on time series data on 20th March.

Aside from a couple of exceptions, those attending were either machine learning beginners or beginners with time series data. Time series is basically…

Part of an Apache Beam/Dataflow Pipeline

The Live Demo is a staple of tech talks and presentations, and for good reason. Seeing software working, in real time, as a presenter talks and interacts with it is so much more compelling than slides and bullet point lists. …

A pipeline. It’s probably not carrying data. Image via

Data pipelines in Apache Beam have a distinctly functional flavour, whichever language you use. That’s because they can be distributed over a cluster of machines, so careful management of state and side-effects is important.

Spotify’s Scio is an excellent Scala API for Beam. Scala’s functional ideas help to cut out…

Paul Brabban

Consultant/Contractor, Software Development and Data Engineering. Functional Programming Advocate. More at

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