An open letter to the curse police on Medium
Pete Ross

Couldn’t agree more and harmonises beautifully with a a sentiment I’m seeing reiterated through various comedy acts at the moment “You have the right to be offended; and I have the right to offend you”. People need to be reminded the offence is taken, not given.

As Steve Hughes says in his brilliant stand-up routine (something to effect of):

“We deal with this in kids all the time, yet some adults forget it.

‘Mummy that boy call me a name’.

‘That’s ok son… he’s a dickhead, don’t worry about him’”

The really amusing part from my aspect as an Australian is that the people banging on in America about “you can’t say this or that” are usually the ones spouting how they have more freedom than anyone else and world and abhor anyone who would deny them freedom of speech (yet very happy to dole it out to others).

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