Why I swapped C#.NET for Python as my default language and platform (and won’t be going back)
Anthony Shaw

Professional programmer for 25 years here (with Microsoft technologies) and I empathise with everything you’ve said. Loving dotnet core, but just can’t justify the time right now to commit to it.

However, I have like started moving away from widows. I spend most of my time in Ubuntu Linux (I play with dotnet stuff using Project Rider — it’s very close to beta and well worth a look).

I’ve defended Microsoft technologies for years because I found them the most productive, but the world has changed… dotnet core is great, but it might be “too little too late” to save the landslide of people looking for more consistent, simpler ways of creating small pieces of software.

Linux was also too clumsy before, but now I feel it’s actually ready for the big time. Everyday I fall in love with another application that just works better than what I used to use on windows. I also much prefer the visibility to what’s really going on in my computer over windows, the ability to see logs on the screen as updates happen/fail, to have a common categorised location for troubleshooting… and generally not have mittens on my hands and treated like a child!!

Technology is hard and my recent moves have havn’t driven me away from Microsoft, it’s given me many more hammers to crack the nut though.

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