What Are You Actually Passionate About?
J. Westenberg

Since I was a teenager (25 years ago now) I’ve been passionate about coding.

Properly passionate.

I mean, wake up at 4am and just have to write that piece of code I just thought of in my sleep passionate.

And I’ve always considered myself lucky to have found coding because so many people don’t have a true passion. I’m even luckier that my passion became my source of income… I get to do my passion for a job! (and 25 years later it still hasn’t got old).

I think what you’ve touched on here is a really important; a large majority of people in the world aren’t as lucky as us, but they want to be, so they try and emulate our enthusiasm - however this poor imitation is plainly obvious to us.

I believe it is the truly passionate that drive the world and drive the changes behind it. We are the ones that happily devote our lives to our respective passions… and we will always be the ones that differentiate ourselves from the others just by doing what we do; because we are not imitating someone else, it’s our passion that drives us.

Your friend has the attribute that I’ve come to realise is the key differentiator: money lust. To the truly passionate pursuers of dreams (myself included) money is really just a pain in the ass, something that distracts us from what is driving us. Don’t get me wrong, I like the relative comforts it affords me, but, it is not my driving force (passion)… and I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest you probably feel a similar way.

… or maybe this is a rant that has got off topic

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