Understanding What It Really Takes

To get to your personal goals whether it be in life or in fitness, you must understand that it takes way more effort than you initially percieve. It can be incredibly difficult to press on when times get extremely hard but having the understanding that it can get way harder, and will, helps you be prepared for when it happens.

One of the biggest things that makes reaching your goals very hard is the fact that many times, we do not know what it will take until we get rolling towards it. Finding things out along the way measn that we have to be quick on our feet and be willing to change on a moments notice. When you decide to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, this is really what you are saying. That when new challenges come up you have to commit to moving past it even if it is something that you are initially uncomfortable with.

This was huge for me when I realized that I had to drastically change the way that I ate. Giving up my eating habits was a huge deal but nowadays that seems so sillly. It’s a trade I would easily make again and I continue to make this trade each day that I don’t go back to those old habits. You have to be willing to do these drastic things or you can never truly understand what it really takes to reach that goal.

I know this has been a super up in the clouds, motivational type post but it was what my brain was focused on today. I hope you enjoyed the read and if you got something good out of it, let me know!

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