Why Cheat Days Are Important

The first time someone asked me about cheat days I said they were stupid. It turns out, I was stupid, I just didn’t know it yet. Cheat days are a very important part of your diet and should be viewed with as much respect as every other apsect of your fitness plan.

So how do you do it right? Well, you eat something that you really want. You satisfy a massive craving that you either can’t fit in on a normal day or something that you can’t reasonably fit in on an average day. Most of the time this won’t be the case but trust me, there are plenty of things out there that even the biggest macro splits would have a hard time handling.

Try not to go absolutely nuts on a cheat day. It can be tempting to just totally go off the rails and litterally eat everything in sight all day long. Trust me, this is only going to end badly. There is a such thing as a food hangover. I’ve had one and I vowed never to go that hard again. I hope you never experience that.

All in all, cheat days can be good things when practiced in very serious moderation. So enjoy something from time to time. Relax a little bit because if you hate your diet constantly, you’ll never stick with it over the long run.

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