Why Going After Your Goals Is A Scary Thing

See goals are those things that evryone acts like are good things. Most of us are encouraged to have goals. The unfortunate thing is how often we aren’t encouraged just as much to chase after those goals all the time. We aren’t encouraged in this way because there is a price to pay for all goals. Something that we all have to do that isn’t fun for us and those around us.

Sacrifice. This is the thing that makes goals scary. Following your goals mean giving up something else. In the long term, this is an easy trade. Often times when you look back, the sacrifice was for something that you didn’t even really want and the pay off was exactly what you wanted. But that thing that you are sacrificing seems difficult to let go of at the time. See, we all want safety and often times safety looks like the things that keep us from achieving our goals. Things like jobs, bad relationships, or even money.

Why then is it so important to follow your goals? Because it is who you are. Or at least, it should be about that. Your goals should always be for something greater than yourself. Something that reaches beyond paying the bills or having nice things. With a purpose that big, how can you not follow it? Losing what you already have seems scary. I know because I feel it too. It isn’t worth not reaching your goals and your purpose though.

This can be applied to many things. If I were to try and apply this to fitness right now, it would seem silly but it is true. It can be applied to your fitness, your finances, your relationships, anything that you want to improve in some way. Find the scary part of it all and attack it. Once you do that, it won’t seem as scary as it used to.

I know this wasn’t focused solely on fitness today but this is what was on my mind tonight and I hope it has reached some of you who read this. Thank you as always for reading through to the end. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought :)

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