Why Macros? What About Calories?

Everyone seems to have a hard time understanding why I count macros and not calories. The truth is that macro counting is calorie counting, it is just much more in depth and specific. It is true that calories will change how much weight you gain or lose but macros will help you lose the weight in the way that you want to and gain weight where you want to.

Most people don’t want to simply lose weight. They want to lose fat. What if I said that most people don’t do the right things to make sure it happens? Most of us know that if we eat less and exercise more we will lose weight. This is true but what if you lost muscle? Wouldn’t that be bad? Of course it would! You want to keep muscle. Muscles are what everyone really wants to show once they lose weight. The ultimate goal of any fitness minded individual will be that they gain only muscle and lose only fat. For most of us, this is impossible. Early on in your training this will happen but it quickly fades. After you’ve been at it a while you start to realize that when you lose weight some of it does come off in muscle and when you gain weight, it isn’t all muscle gain. This is impossible to prevent but macros help.

By having the right macronutrient split you are giving your body the optimal amount of protein, fat and carbs that it needs in order to maintain a lean body. This is determined by many factors. Your weight, height, age, and gender all play an important role into what these numbers become for you. My macro split will not be the same as yours and it shouldn’t be. We are all different therefore our nutritional needs are all very different.

I will always be posting more on this topic over time but if you want to know more about it or having nay specific suggestions for topics related to this one, please leave it in a comment. I will be happy to discuss it on here. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed, a reccomend would be greatly appreciated!

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