NYSE Open VI: The Morning After

Paul DeSilva
Aug 14 · 15 min read
Adam Merkado-Weiss
Andres Baquero
Andrew Walker
Andy Probosco
Blake Burkholder
Brian Manolakos
Charles Klein
Chuck Greb
David Ata
David Third
Jason Jaco
John Grudzina
Maura Fitzgerald
Paul DeSilva
Paul Mueller
Paul Paloglou
Petr Bocak
Dr. Rich Shay
Sammy Haghour
Will Magrann
A decent board state for Andy’s Titania beats, but what does he do against Moat, flying walls, and Will-o’?
Andrew Walker vs. EC Mastermind, Jason Jaco (with ubiquitous cooler of hard spritzer)
Looks like a lot of mana on the left, but every card Andrew has in play is signed so it’s still anybody’s game.
Blake vs Dr. Shay
Just like golf, it’s always best to practice good form with a cheeky foot turn during the declare attackers step.
I wish you the best of luck making sense of this nightmare.
The nightmare continues
The Final Standings
I like my prizes signed and my Nattys light.
Everyone got brand spankin’ new SOTF Sickers, pins, and NYSE VI dice.
Look at those scribbled up beauties!
Paul DeSilva

Written by

Old School Magic player and head of Sisters of the Flame.

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