The Market

Nowadays, the market for larger saloons and coupes is growing. Typically, we would think of BMW, Audi and Mercedes to be the main players on this field. But Infiniti have just released the pricing of their new car, the Q60, and it may very well place them in amongst the top dogs.


The Infiniti Q60 is based on the Q50 saloon. It comes with one of two engines — a standard 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine, or the 3.0 litre turbocharged V6, capable of producing around 400 bhp. These engines will have maximum torques of 350 Nm and 475 Nm respectively.


For more information on the Infiniti Q60, see the previously produced article.


For the 2.0 litre engine, pricing will begin at £33,990. This is very similar to the prices of their competitors, slightly higher than BMW’s 4 series coupe, the 420i SE, the entry model of which costs £30,260, and the Audi A5, which has a price tag starting at £31,910. However, the Infiniti’s chief rival, the Lexus RC, is marginally more expensive, at £36,495.


So let’s get our heads around the pricing of these four cars. In order of the cheapest to the most expensive, we have this:

  • BMW 420i SE — £31,910
  • Audi A5 — £31,910
  • Infiniti Q60 — £33,990
  • Lexus RC — £36,495
iNFINITI q60 (1)_1280x792
iNFINITI q60 (1)_1280x792

The Audi at this level can produce 175 bhp with its TSFI (turbo stratified fuel injection) engine, giving it the power to pull off the line and up to 60 mph in around 8 seconds. With 128 g/km and an average mpg of 51.4, it’s pretty good for the environment too. The BMW is pretty similar, apart from a 0–62 of just over 9 seconds, slightly slower than the Audi. Also, the Lexus has similar 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine, again producing up to around 350 Nm of torque, and a respectable 0–60 speed of 7.5 seconds.

Infiniti have pretty similar statistics for their new Q60. The standard model comes with a 2 litre turbocharged inline-4, kicking out up to 208 bhp. This has slightly more power than the BMW and the Audi, but a lower one than the output of the Lexus, at 245 bhp.

Infinitit 4
Infinitit 4

A Slight Snag

There is one slight snag, for me. Infiniti have marketed all their fancy new features, such as the digital adaptive steering, an entirely new steering system. But you can’t actually get this unless you buy the more expensive model…which is better, but… more expensive. So that’s quite cheeky.

Concluding Thoughts

Anyway, is the price worth it? It seems accurate, at least: more than the A5 and the 420i SE, yet less than the Lexus. I think it could well be, and judging by the popularity of this type of car in the UK at the moment, we could easily be seeing far more Infinitis around in the near future.