About 5 months ago I ordered a n̵e̵w̵ ̵t̵o̵y̵ ̵f̵o̵r̵ ̵m̵e̵ Christmas present for my son. A Toniebox. It seems there was quite a hype about them at the time since it took almost half a year until it finally arrived, but that is another story.

It’s basically a very simple audio player for kids, where you play an audiobook by placing the appropriate toy figure (a “tonie”) on it and it starts playing.

The content gets downloaded from the companie’s servers and cached on the device.

Of course I wanted to have a closer look from the technical side at it, so here are my…

On 16.8.2017 I held a talk at the Technologieplauscherl #50 in Linz.

The topic was “Programmer’s Guide to Sound and Music”.

You can find the slides here. If you’re interested in slides with speaker notes (they also contain some additional links) and/or the sample files you can find those here.

If you understand German, you can also watch me give the presentation on youtube:


When writing modern JavaScript front-ends (independent of your favorite flavor — Angular(JS, 2̶), Ember, React, ThisWeeksNewShiny) you will have run into the requirement to debug some issue.

With the typical HTML/JS front-ends getting more and more complex, chances are you are actually hitting this problem more and more — and trust me, switching to next weeks great framework will not magically save you from ever having to debug a JavaScript issue again.

Debugging is a skill

Just like writing clean code, effective debugging 🐛is a skill that can be learned & trained. The big software vendors of the world know this very well, as far as I’ve heard from first-hand sources, Microsoft for example makes every new employee take a debugging training. …

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