My Topconf Linz 2017 Retrospective

Talks I visited

You can find the full schedule here.

  • (Opening Keynote) Lukáš Ježek — Google’s Load Shedding
  • Ivan Krylov — What to expect from Java 9
  • Armin Ronacher — Rust for Serious Developers
  • Corinna Baldauf — 12 Work Hacks
  • Michael Sperber, Nicole Rauch — The day after tomorrow: Let the machine do the coding
  • Milen Dyankov — What’s NOT new in modular Java?
  • Ben Linders — Spicing Up Agile Retrospectives
  • (Panel discussion) Distributed Development Teams
  • Jürgen Höller — Spring Framework 5: Reactive Microservices on JDK 9

Some Details

I’ll just pick out a few of those talks and share some notes/thoughts:

Load Shedding at Google

Lukáš did a really good job at explaining what the problems were that they faced at Google and how why load shedding is a good idea to tackle those.

Some of the scribbles I made during Lukáš talk

Rust for Serious Developers

I was really excited to meet Armin Ronacher in person. I’ve been following his blog for a few years by now and am a user of several of his open-source projects (flask, jinja & click).

12 Work Hacks

I’ve heard about Sipgate as a great place to work before on an episode of the workingdraft podcast.

This was for sure the talk where my notes looked the best :D

The day after tomorrow: Let the machine do the coding

I don’t really have much to say about this, except from 2 things:

  • I expected something totally different (not in a bad way, just because I didn’t check out the talk’s abstract & because of all the machine-learning hype currently)
  • and: holy cow, my head hurt at the end of it. If type-systems like those from Scala or Haskell are what you constantly fantasize about, this talk would have been right up your alley.

Spring Framework 5: Reactive Microservices

Talks from Jürgen Höller are obviously a must-see for any Spring-user on any conference ;)

Final Thoughts

Besides the talks, I approach, and was approached by many people. It was great to get some more insights into the topics from presentations, catch up with old friends/colleagues & meet some new people.



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