Reviving GameBoy game’s save feature

Paul Klingelhuber
2 min readJan 19, 2017


Sometimes Boys just wanna have fun…

I found my old GameBoy Color and a classic game: Pokémon Gold!

Problem: The save-feature no longer worked, when you played, saved, powerd the GameBoy off & on again, there was only the “new game” option, no “continue”.

Because of previous internet research I already knew what the problem was / what to do:

Step 1: locate my GameBoy-Cartridge-Screwdriver that I already made some time ago following this tutorial video.

Selfmade GameBoy-Cartridge Screwdriver

Step 2: check the battery type & run to the local electronics store to pay way too much for one petty cell.

Old (dead) Battery inside, shiny new battery outside.

Step 3: remove old battery without completely damaging the board.

Step 4: almost kill the new cell by sucking at soldering but somehow manage to get it done anyway.


Step 5: hope, wish, plea.

Step 6: turn it on, press A a gazillion times to get through the introduction, save the game, turn it off.

Step 7: turn it on again & admire your work!

We have “continue” again!

Now I only need to find time to actually play it… oh well…



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