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If I remember correctly, Donald recently compared himself to Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps he was thinking of the Pacific Railway bill. This bill literally gave tens of millions of acres of land to railroad companies to build their railroads (much, much more than what was actually needed for the construction of the rails.) Once the railroad was built, the land around the rails became more valuable and the railroad companies made an enormous profit on it when they resold the land they didn’t need.

Lincoln understood that the country at that time needed an extensive transportation infrastructure and that the fastest way to get it was to ensure that there would be quick and easy profits for those who built it. I’m guessing Donald has something similar in mind for the Wall. (Not that we need the wall, just the quick and easy profit part.)

While I was rummaging around in my brain for grade school history, I found the bit about the Statue of Liberty. The idea of the statue occured right around the time that the golden spike was driven, commemorating the completion of the transcontinental railroad. The statue itself was a gift from France, but we needed to have a proper base built for it. Construction of the base was in jeopary due to lack of funds. I remember learning that school children across the country donated pennies to help pay for the base.

I can’t help but compare this gift from France, this beacon of hope that we placed at our front door to this new structure and how much more will be spent on this beacon of hate.

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