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In the very near future the Republican controlled congress will slip from willful ignorance into wide-eyed complaisance. The only way they can remain blind to the ever mounting evidence that their leader is unfit to be President is if they start wearing Odd Fellows Hoodwinks (That’s a thing, look it up!)

Their leader’s incompetence is putting this country in danger. From deliberating high level international policy with a foreign leader in the middle of a scene from Caddyshack (the only thing missing was Rodney Dangerfield yelling “Hey, we’re all going to get laid!”) to his National Security Advisor getting confused as to what country he should be advising (hint, it’s not Russia!)

The election is over, it’s time to stop campaigning and to start governing. They don’t get to choose the issues anymore, they don’t get to pick the crisis. They need to deal with what’s in front of them. When it comes to national security, you’re not a Republican or Democrat, you’re an American. You do the right thing for the country, not the right thing for the party.

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