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“The speaker hopes…”
“The congress is concerned…”
“We will re-evaluate the situation at a future time…”

Unsubstantial words. Not even ink on paper anymore, just ghostly images on a glass screen. Worthless words.

The president will say something one day and contradict himself the next. His handlers will massage the words into something his supporters can swallow. Congress goes along with the oakie doke (but they have concerns!)

The president is obstructing justice and comforting our enemies. 
“The speaker hopes…” 
The time is past for concerns or hopes, there should be no more words, it’s time for our representatives to act. They have become too comfortable laying in their soft bed of words. They did not take an oath to the Republican Party, they took an oath to upheld the Constitution of the United States.

or was that oath just more words…

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