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What Donald Trump has done this last week reminds me of something my brothers and I used to do when we were kids.

There was this large steep hill behind our house that we used to play on. Every so often we would climb to the top and run down the hill. There would be a point where you were going so fast that you no longer had control of what you were doing. You simply had to move your legs as fast as you could just to keep yourself from turning into a human tumbleweed.

There was this moment of exhilaration and then relief as you came to the bottom of the hill and were able to slow down and get control again. Being a bit out of control, mixed with speed and danger, made for a great adrenaline rush!

I see Donald Trump doing this, but the hill he’s on doesn’t have a bottom. There will be a point in the near future when he can no longer keep up with the chaos he’s created and when he falls, it will be spectacular.

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