Random, stress & fear

Hi Thrusday, let’s start! I have been further working on the design of the website I want to build, but I definitely cannot come out with something that I truly like. Sure I could build a website that respects the design principles that are either essential and well established and / or currently trendy, but I really wanted to do something new, that I could be proud of.

I was thinking: “Well it kind of sucks that I don’t like it. Maybe I shouldn’t chose that way to do it!” I have too much ways to do it, and I am not good enough when it comes to design to pick one over the other.

I think that I have worked for almost two years on this. I have never been able to settle for a design — and I’ve been though a lot — and so I never succeded. I’m just not good enough at it; I mean I’m not an artist, I think it shows pretty clearly here.

So I could give up, or find another way. I’ve always loved challenges: the bigger the better. So here’s my solution. I’ve been struggling to find a great design for my website for a while now, and I cannot. Because of this, I’m stucked and cannot move forward anymore. What I’ve been thinking last night is that this kind of weird issues may also occur to people that would come to share an idea on the website. Thus, I won’t let them chose their layout. I won’t even let them the choice to break a line. They will only focus on the actual idea that they want to share, as a block of text and nothing more. And I’ll let them chose a title, because it is a big deal IMO. The rest will be random, out of their control. Why? So that they don’t have to worry about. So that they’d not think “it’s not pretty enough”. So that all they’ll have to worry about is to say the world a thought through words.

Take home message: I will completely change what I’ve started. A lot of things will be random so that the user won’t have to worry about unnecessary things. It will be different!

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