“By broadening your arena of acquaintances and friends outside the church congregation, you have…
Grace J. Kim

During the first 23 years of my life, all my social, educational and religious activities were centered on the church which was a haven in my formative years. But after I left home to start my professional career which set me open to the “whole wide world” like a fish thrown from its bowl into a stormy ocean, my expectation of people in my new environment took a sudden new turn. It was then, only then, that I realized that a cloistered upbringing could not survive in a real world of diversity. I soon learnt to expect the unexpected and be able to deal with the unexpected, and that there was no singular boundary or rule that people might abide by in dealing with their fellow human.

Now my 75 years’ experience has taught me that the truth is like a mountain offering different points of view to different static observers who never bother to travel around it but just voice their own findings.

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