North Yorkshire Council selects injixo WFM

North Yorkshire County Council has just selected injixo WFM software for its Contact Centre. NYCC Customer Service Centre provides frontline services for all Council departments including Social Care and Highways. The centre is the first port of call for all customers across multiple channels such as inbound calls, email, web chat etc. The centre deals with approximately 1400 separate contacts per day across these channels and employs around 60 advisors.

NYCC required a WFM solution

At NYCC we believe that a WFM Solution is Business Critical software. Without such a system the required man hours for scheduling and performance reporting off excel spreadsheets with an Erlang formula would soon become untenable. We recognise that an effective WFM solution takes away the headache of scheduling around complex shift patterns and Annual Leave Requests across a number of channels. Advisors particularly like the instantaneous Annual Leave booking and Shift Swap requests that WFM automates. We recognise also that a plan is just a plan and WFM lets us deviate from that plan by providing effective informed reporting that supports the real time operational challenges.

It all started with a WFM enquiry comparing Beans

Steven Miller (Resource Planner) at the North Yorkshire Council Contact Centre made the following enquiry about the injixo Workforce Management (WFM) Cloud based solution to optimise his 50+ FTE agents after some frustrations using spreadsheets;

“Good afternoon. I’m hoping you can help me? I’m at the point now where I’m trying to convince Senior Management and find reasons why the injixo product is so much cheaper than alternative ‘on premise’ WFM products. There seems to be a nervousness here that the product might be too inferior and not give us what we need. Cheap beans maybe cheap but who wants to eat them?”

How is injixo able to offer WFM at such low cost?

Answer: injixo specialises only in Cloud based WFM and is fast becoming a leading brand but big brands should not mean more expensive. Customers have a choice and really need to consider what’s in the tin? When comparing beans we should consider taste, price and nutritional values to justify spending money on big brands. When Contact Centres spend money on WFM they should compare Cloud with ‘on-premise’ and consider functionality, price and support. At injixo we operate a low cost lean business model and unlike ‘on premise’ systems you have no hardware to buy, upgrades to install, servers to maintain and no engineers are required on site. Think of it as having beans delivered over the internet without the transport, labelling and packaging costs.

Get more Bean for your Buck with WFM in the Cloud!

This study concluded that there was very little difference in taste and nutritional value between the big brand beans and cheaper brands so why pay more? The same goes for WFM. injixo advised Steven to test a few systems against his requirements list and avoid being left with a bad taste.

With his eyes wide open Steven avoided any ‘blind testing’ and took a deep dive into injixo functionality by attending the injixo weekly demo and made comparisons with other comparable WFM systems and considered what to look for when buying Cloud WFM.

Why did North Yorkshire Council choose injixo?

With beans it might be the sweetness and thickness of the sauce but with WFM it’s more about what’s inside the bean (no sugar coating). The Myriad of high functionality, zero capex (capital expense), low risk, quick payback, speed of implementation and a low monthly fee made the WFM business case realistic for North Yorkshire Council. The clincher was the fact that the web based Quick Start training programme is completely free of charge for injixo customers — so the only thing to budget for is the £9/user/month SaaS fee.

injixo asked Steven what interested him initially in the injixo brand and he stated the following:

“From the research that I have done it seemed to me that the providers all seem to offer the same solution give or take some slight differences. So I decided to go with injixo Cloud brand of InVision’ not only because InVision is an established name within the industry with over 20 years experience but because injixo WFM offers real value for money. I would rather make a significant saving by going on a No-Contract OPEX based system with no upfront costs which still provides me with all the functionality I require plus more. I was also impressed with injixo’s no nonsense honest approach. I got the impression that injixo know the solution ‘speaks for itself’ because of the competitive pricing model and therefore I didn’t have to endure any ‘hard sell.”

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