It’s absolutely disgusting behaviour on Twitter’s part. They are obviously abusing their influence.
Bailey T. Steen™ 💋

Coincidentally, I had deactivated my twitter account about 30 minutes before I read your article. I am furious, not only about twitter’s transgressions, but also Google and Facebook’s censorship. This is all happening at the same time that the FCC ending net neutrality.

I am actually more disgusted with the lackadaisical attitude towards self sovereignty that US citizens possess than I am at Silicon Valley. We let all of this happen to us. The internet took us off the streets, which was its Trojan horse.

I remember several years ago when Quebec tried to add something like $100 to student tuition, and the whole country came out on the street and stopped it. It has been emotionally devastating for me to watch the US group mind precipitously lose it’s ability to think critically and finally crash into a mountain side.

I have two young daughters that have to grow up in the aftermath, which saddens me. Most people don’ t think that this is that big of a deal, but if you look at it through the lens of history, it should be very troubling.

I am making my own plans for the future.

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