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<<< “Low to moderate income residents now qualify. Renters are in play now. It really widens the demographic access,” Sandbank said. He said NYSERDA is receiving applications for community shared solar worth hundreds of megawatts.

Shared solar arrays cost less per kilowatt than individual arrays, in part because the per-panel cost of installation is lower. Shared solar is also eligible for tax incentives from NYSERDA, as well and state and federal tax credits that apply to any solar installation.

“It’s a big deal and we’re really excited about it,” Sandbank said. “There’s a lot of development because of it, and we’re bringing a lot of business to New York.” >>>

They can’t scoop up the government money fast enough, before everyone realizes they’ve been duped. But Sandbank and Hyman are really really excited about the cut they’ll get for arranging the deals and finding donors.

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