Trello and other Parahanila

There are a number of programs I lean on to help me through the day. I’ve mentioned previously of my dependence on Evernote. My brain sits in a cloud somewhere in the US, owned by someone else. I’m still working on the elephant never forgets mentality, I haven’t adopted it as yet, but I visit the zoo from time to time.

My brain isn’t outsourced, only part of it. After understanding that my brain is not optimised to remember “To Do” items. I’ve tried to write and record all my tasks in Evernote and free up my thinking for a more creative purpose. This has worked, with a success rate somewhere around 55%. A little above half. I’m a way off being twice as good as my baseline, but it’s going a long way towards improving my output.

However, Evernote is a very free form application, you really need help/guidance on setting it up to best suit you and your working habits, or even your team/organisational habits. If you do require help in this area, I’m certified by Evernote to help, so contact me in the comments below or here.


As a project manager, working on a number of interconnected yet disparate projects, Trello’s a life saver. I’m discovering more and more how much this application is getting me out of hot water. I’m experimenting(always learning), this is the first time I’ve managed 4 different vendors concurrently and need them to all work together, not to mention 4 different project teams. Having one place for all tasks is really helping me orchestrate a project management approach that facilities a life of its own.

I’m finding the majority of the time, I’m guiding a little, creating a little, and then seeking guidance/consulting the vast majority of time. Trello has given me a direct connection to my teams and the work. I can back off from micro managing and just push(gently) things along.

I’m young in my career-life, so I’m abstaining from offering advice. Why? Because there is SO many more people out there(the world) that are much more informed, intelligent and experienced than I. However, what I would like to do, is share my thought processes

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