Cast your mind back to the last time you had a hallway chat with someone where you asked them, “How’s it going?” and the exasperated response was, “Oh, so busy, busy, busy.” It’s come to my attention in recent years, as I endeavour to help individuals and teams realise their potential and deliver value, that one of the stumbling blocks early-on in an Agile undertaking is this notion of ‘busyness’.

Busy, busy, busy. Not.

According to my personality profile, I’m one of those people who doesn’t particularly shy away from the tough conversations, and I’m one of those people who is comfortable with conflict…

The path of least resistance

When Agile discovered me many years ago, I became enamoured; here was this simple, common-sense way to approach our work. I would often say that being Agile should come naturally to all of us — after all, we don’t have a Gantt chart for the rest of our day. We live our non-work lives in a fairly adaptable, flexible way; “Who’s picking up the kids today? What should we make for dinner? Should we invite friends over this weekend?” See, all very flexible and solvable. Granted, complexity arises sometimes when no one can pick up the kids, or we can’t…

PA Crossley

Agilist, Coach, Transformationalist, Fan of Entrepreneurship and Family.

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