The Coffee is good.

It’s on a Corner. The coffee is good. Air moving, but not moving over your skin. People are attractive but you are still comfortable. Music is good and not loud. Youth, but not arrogance. The right materials. The correct haircut. Babies come, but do not stay. Natural light. People belong here. No one is from here. Surfaces have thickness. Surfaces have depth. If you land a seat in the corner opposite the entrance, you are elated, without understanding why. Her posture is terrible. The place was not cheap to build. It was built quickly. The two marble slabs don’t meet flush on the bar top. She should sit up straight. Cracked tile. It’s ok. Gangsters drop by to use the bathroom. Details both unimportant and essential. Too many people work here. Women feel safe. His pants are too short. The kick plate is rusted. There is a dog. That’s not allowed, but welcome. Is that column fake? The furniture is sushi comfortable. The lighting knows it is object and illumination. (Not smug.) The walls begin to make me itch — a bouncy pale pink — white people cartoon skin. The people who work here are devoted. Everything is too expensive. Foreigners take selfies. Discrete cortados on thick live edged tabletops.