milk is one of the most highly contaminated food products, which, even post-pasteurization, can carry Listeria, Salmonella, and E. Coli, while bodily fluids like blood and even pus have been found inside milk products.
A New Startup Wants to Make Your Milk “Perfect”
Janay Laing

This is just hyperbolic clap trap. If a nutrient rich product can sit on a fridge shelf for around 10 days without spoiling it is clearly not contaminated. Of course there is ‘blood’ in milk, it’s made in the cows udder from blood. There is also blood in your hamburger mince, not to mention blood sausage. Pus? Possibly small quantities but then our own bodies are full of pus all of the time, if by pus you mean white blood cells, which is what pus is.