Are Foodies More Entrepreneurial?

A new poll by 10 Best Design sought out to find information regarding ‘Foodies.’ The poll consisted of asking 400 participants a variety of questions regarding their lifestyle. Even though only 35% considered themselves to be Foodies, if you look at the breakdown by age: foodies are a kingdom of the young. Perhaps as a result of millennials incessant need to share everything on social media, society has bred far more foodies than ever before.

“Should we build the next Shazam of food?”

The poll further goes on to ask foodies if they are planning to start a business in the near future. Astoundingly, Foodies declared a desire to start a business 49.85% more often than their Non-Foodie counterparts. Moreover, the study showed self-identified Foodies were perhaps more inclined to build a new website, as well.

Is there something about having an ardent interest in food that sparks the need to operate a business? Conceivably, the goal of making it in Silicon Valley is also a new Millennial characteristic.

Do Foodies Wok the Wok?

10 Best Design’s poll lastly asked if any respondents currently owned or operated a business. Unfortunately, self identified foodies are 1% less likely to hold the title of current entrepreneur. Are Foodies self righteous? I would like to think that perhaps their age might be a bigger factor in not being able to start a business as of yet. It would be nice to see if this Millennial foodie generation is more prone to create a company over time.