Why so many developers hate recruiters
Quincy Larson

I don’t know what amounts to a lot of InMail spam, but every week I get at least 10–20 messages from recruiters. I think of myself as a nice person, so I treat every recruiter with utmost respect and I make a concerted effort to respond to them, letting them know I‘m not in the job market.

I think my reaction to respond to these messages is down to a certain amount if hubris on my part. I convince myself that this poor recruiter hand picked me from the masses of options on LinkedIn and the least I can do is thank them for making contact.

The purpose of my profile on LinkedIn is not for recruitment. It’s to stay in contact with former colleagues and to know when they move from one job to another. I noticed recently that 60% of my contacts on LinkedIn are recruiters. If I’m silly for responding to them, then I’m an absolute moron for accepting link requests from them.

Thanks for this article. I’m a bit wiser now.

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