Things To Consider When Planning The Installation Of A Birthing Pool In A New Hospital

A labor and birth pool is a exciting addition to the L&D (labor and delivery) room for any newly built hospitals. Hydrotherapy is increasing in popularity as an alternative choice for the relief of labor pain, so by a having a pool actually gives hospitals that extra value and awareness, appealing to women who are looking for safety, extra comfort and ultimate choice when deciding exactly where to give birth.

It should be noted that there are a number of factors to take into consider when planning the installation of a hospital birthing pool. It is essential that the pool is not only positioned safely but also in a way that guarantees the utmost comfort and also gives excellent accessibility for the mother, midwife and any other healthcare professionals that maybe present.

Types Of Birthing Pool

Birthing pools (permanent or portable such as our birth pool in a box ) can weigh upto 1,430lbs (649kg). The room utilised therefore needs to be structurally strong enough to take the weight of a filled pool, plus the mother and the other people who will be present at the birth. weight of a filled pool, plus the mother and the other people who will be present at the birth. You’ll also need to think about what will be located directly under the birthing pool.

Water Supply Needed For The Birthing Pool

We recommend that hot and cold water pressure and supply pipe diameter are capable of filling the pool with water at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) in 20 minutes, through a mixer valve. We always recommend ¾” supply pipes.

You’ll also need to make allowance for a waste pipe with a trap in the floor, either in a sub-floor or a gulley in a concrete floor.

Consider The Space Required For A Successful Birthing Pool

The birthing pool should be placed so that it’s easy for the mother to get in and out, and for healthcare professionals to access the birthing pool in case any assistance is required. You should therefore allow at least two to three feet of space around the pool on at least two (preferably three) of its sides.

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