The one AWESOME skill that will make you a greater Project Manager / Team Player / Person.


If you take time to LISTEN, I mean REALLY LISTEN you will find opportunities, awareness and solutions come your way exponentially.

Most people don’t listen. — They say their piece and move on.

Studies suggest that we remember up to 50% of what is said in conversation. Imagine that…oh! Forgotten already!

By improving your LISTENING skill, you will see the benefits throughout your career, such as improvements through your ability to influence, negotiate and persuade others.

What do you have to do?

Pay ATTENTION to the other person very carefully by looking at them and actively watch their body language when talking.

Show you are listening, and do not get distracted by anything else going on around you.

Provide feedback during discussion but do not form counter arguments for a response. Certainly do not interrupt!

Reflect on what they have said, ask questions to clarify anything not clear.

Do not get bored or lose focus on what they are saying. You are LISTENING.

Finally and most importantly you need to RESPOND APPROPRIATELY.

Responding — How can you do this?

The point of active listening is to show respect and understanding for this persons perspective.

You will need to be honest in your response.

Assert opinion if necessary and make sure it is clear what you are communicating.

Finally, do not attack, judge or put down. This is a huge No!

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