Driving traffic to your eCommerce Store

… Without any money for ads

Traffic. That holy word every website owner hunts.

The question is: how do you drive traffic with zero ad budget?

Can you still get sales? Will it take longer than a month to get my first sale?

I wanted to show you how to get traffic even if you have zero ad budget. And I wanted to show you that it does not need to take longer than a week to start getting sales.

I’ve listed 14 methods you can try right away :)

1. Instagram/Pinterest — How to get sales from them:

Use a tool like Audisense . Find 1000 people you can follow on Instagram.

Follow them. Like their posts. Provide content they like by using similar hashtags.

Let your bio read ‘special 10% off for Instagrammers’

If you have a female audience, try pinterest.

2. Partner with a related eCommerce Websites:

Look up other stores that sell complimentary products as yours.

Come up with a joint offer for their audience where both of you make money.

Do this with 12 brands every year and you’ll be growing faster than ever.

This doesn’t mean you have to sell your products.

You could also co-create a playbook of sorts for their email list.

3. Youtubers — collabs + giveaways: Treat Youtubers are celebs.

Make a list of 10 YouTubers who have the attention of your audience.

Give away your product to them for free.

If you’re a subscription based business you could give them a free 6-month subscription to your product.

Get them to do a review of it for their channel.

(If you’re selling high-end products, try this with real celebs.)

4. Press: Major publications have journalists writing about all kinds of niches.

So you’re niche is very likely to have been covered by these.

Identify 12 publications you want to appear in.

Find up and coming journalists in them. (They’re easier to reach out to, compared to the seasoned writers there.)

Reach out to them.

And get one new story published every month about your store.

5. Local Newspapers: This can be a very undermined source of web traffic.

Local people love local heroes. So craft & hone your brand’s hero’s journey.

Pitch it to local editors at newspapers.

Have them write your story with an emphasis on your store.

The more emotionally appealing this is, the more people are likely to buy from your store.

You could also go for creating controversy but I don’t recommend that.

6. Host/Give a talk at a meetup:

Find local meetups at Meetup or Eventbrite.

Reach out to the organizers.

Let them know you’d like to give a talk at their meetup.

Ask people to email you for slides. Add them to your email list when they do.

7. Podcasts: Podcasts are on the rise

If there are podcasts your target audience loves, you can reach out to them and appear in them.

8. Medium: Smart people hang here. Do they buy from you?

Find medium publications your audience loves reading. Reach out to them. Post an article in there every alternate week.

9. Affiliates — your virtual sales army: How to find them

Make a list of affiliate partners of competitor stores in your niche.

Reach out to them and try finding out what it would take for you to get in bed with them. (This gives you a list of effective affiliates you can reach out to.)

Alternatively, you could also try reaching out to Commission Junction, ShareASale.

These will help you find affiliates for your products.

10. Viral Referral Program: Make 1 = 2.

The moment you get one customer. Do everything in your power to turn that into two.

Setup a referral program. Or, get them to enter a viral contest, to win something free at the end of the month.

The more people they refer, the higher their chances of winning.

Protip: don’t just leave them asking them to invite more people. Tell them “Here’s how you can invite more people.“

11. Direct Marketing: Flyers are cheap.

This still counts as advertising. Get these distributed locally.

I know I’m cheating with this answer. Forgive me.

12. Viral Facebook Posts on Groups:

Facebook groups are a thing now.

There’s probably a group out there, with your target audience.

Get in there. And create emotionally appealing & valuable content. In terms of shareable images.

These get shared more often.

Don’t forget to have your watermark.

13. Create Local Content: People love to hear about themselves

The easiest way to hook a crowd from Denver would be ’10 Things only people from Denver will get.’

If your audience is local, try creating content like this.

And get it in front of the local crowd.

Once you reach a critical mass, your article should spread like wildfire.

14. Viral Products: Saving the best for Last.

Get with Viral news happening in your industry.

Create products based off of those.

Have a journalist cover what you’re doing.

And watch it spread from there. However, be super careful so to not hurt your brand.

In other Words…

Every single one of these techniques is based on one single marketing slogan. Can you guess what that is?

LOPA: Leverage Other People’s Audience.

The key to success is coming up with an executable plan here. Pick the best 5.

Come up with a daily, weekly, monthly plan for the next 90 days. You should be generating traffic & conversions.

Leverage Other People’s Audience.

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