10 Things to do to stay Motivated.

Many things in life don’t come easy. If you’re like me and you’re trying to make positive changes in your life motivation can be hard to obtain. I know what needs to be done, but lately, I have struggled to get motivated and primarily stay motivated.

To help myself I have been thinking of ways to get and stay motivated. Here is what I have come up with so far…….

1 — Kick the Negative Thoughts.

It’s bad enough if people say negative things about what you’re trying to do. It’s even worse when you are the one thinking those thoughts. As someone, I know used to say “It’s rough out there.” Make sure someone has your back to help combat the negative thoughts. I would start with myself.

2 — Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

Focus on doing you. You don’t know what they had to go through to get where they are. When it comes to athletes, celebrities, business people, etc., we often see the finished product. We rarely get to see the stops and starts they had while trying to reach their goals. Focus on doing what you have to do to meet your goals.

3 — Get Started.

Every day you get started and do something you are moving forward. Will there be setbacks?

No doubt.

Will there be a day when you just don’t feel like working toward your goal?

Yep. Just remember you have to get started every day.

4 — Don’t Let Details Stop You.

Don’t let the details bog you down. I’m not saying details are not important, but if you’re using not having enough knowledge to do something, anything, to get you toward your goal just stop.

For example, debating which type of heart rate monitor to get when the choices are a device for your wrist or a chest strap. All while not doing anything to get your heart rate up. Instead, get motivated and move your body just to get the heart rate up. Figure out the details later.

5 — Fake It, Till You Make It.

Not motivated today. Act like you are. Chances are if you act like you are motivated and ready to go your body and mind will start to believe it!

Hey, meeting your goals is important. Take no prisoners and lie to yourself if you have to get going in the right direction.

6 — Know Why.

You got your goals. You know how to achieve them. But, do you know why? Use the why to get motivated.

Personally, my health sucks. My Why for trying to lose weight is to improve my health so I can move around and do things without feeling like I’m dying. That and the fact I don’t want to die right now. Much easier to pay attention to my food portions with that in mind!

7 — Break Down your Goals.

Want to lose 100 lbs? Maybe you wish to pay off 30 grand in student debt? How about trying to lose 20 pounds first? Break the goals down, get those early wins and your motivation will build.

8 — Tell People.

All peer pressure is not bad. Let people know what you’re trying to do. You might find people that will support your efforts. You might find a buddy that has the same goals. That added pressure of others knowing might be what you need to keep moving forward.

9 — Think Positive Benefits.

When working on your goals, chances are you will have to do things that are not fun.

Exercise makes you tired.

Paying your bills is annoying.

Finding a new job is hard.

Instead of looking at the negatives focus on the positives that will come out of what you’re doing. Exercise helps you breath easier as you walk up the stairs. Paying bills helps relieve the stress from having debt. Finding a new job creates new opportunity.

10 — Listen.

What motivates you? Is it inspirational stories? Maybe it’s music. Maybe it’s a podcast. Whatever motivates you, find it and listen to it.