Brent Cherne, Accomplished Financial Executive, Describes Data Analytics Tools Business Owners Need to Discover

Paul Johnson
Nov 9, 2018 · 3 min read
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Are you tired of listening to news media talk about ‘big data’ and its impact on a business’ bottom line? Have you decided it is time to investigate available data analytics tools for your business? There are numerous options available to today’s business owner. Whether you want a mobile analytics solution for your online business efforts or you want a sales analysis solution for your brick-and-mortar location, there are a variety of solutions at your disposal. Below arejust a few that Brent Cherne, an accomplished financial executive suggests you investigate for your company:


Indicative offers an array of data analysis tools to business owners. You can monitor and map your key performance indicators without worrying you’ll have to hire a programmer to uncover the insights hidden within your data. Users also have the ability to add charts to a customizable dashboard, stream real-time data, and dive into conversion analytics.


Flowtap offers an analytics solution that combines data from multiple sources. Discover actionable insights from Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. You can combine your data analysis with mobile analytics information for a complete overview of your company’s sales prognosis.


Apmetrix offers a multi-channel approach to business analysis for app publishers. Whether you’re creating an enterprise app to be used in-house or you’re producing a series of mobile applications for customers, you can use the tools Apmetrix offers to maximize your ROI. Apmetrix offers an ad exchange platform in addition to their analytics tools. Users can discover the details inside their Mixpanel, Chartboost, and Flurry information silos. You can also combine that data with intelligence from your social media streams including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The above-listed analytics solutions are just a tiny peek inside the data analysis sector. Entrepreneurs are creating data tools for numerous markets including mobile analytics, predictive analytics, and even text analytics. “The sooner you avail yourself of the insightful platforms being built, the sooner you’ll be able to unlock growth insights for your business,” stated Mr. Cherne.

Are you going to jump onto the big data bandwagon and dive into the details inside your business’ sales funnel?

About Brent Cherne:

Brent Cherne, CPA is a healthcare financial executive with an extensive background in multiple areas of healthcare from managing regional medical centers to developing critical access hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. In his free time Mr. Cherne also enjoys using his skills while serving on the board or as treasurer of various community organizations.

Brent Cherne around the web:

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