Hey America, do accidents happen anymore? Especially when a kid is involved?
Kimberly Harrington

Damn I had to read your post 2 times just to let it really soak in. I agree accidents happen, and there is not always a victim. A number of years ago my 3 year old son nearly fell 60 feet from a Dropoff at Mammoth Cave. An altercation between 2 people distracted my wife and I and a few seconds later he had crawled over the rope that separated where the drop off was from the sidewalk we were on. We are pretty diligent parents and as I was going to get him a park Ranger waved me off and grabbed him and brought him back to us. He was 6–7 feet from the ledge just curious being a boy. We about had a heart attack etc. I am curious though if the reaction re: the gorilla and the boy at the zoo would have been the same if it had been a 3 year old girl…

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