The End of Empathy
Stephanie Wittels Wachs

Indeed! So well said! My youngest son who was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and ADHD in second grade, and had to have several years of tutoring would play games on the computer a lot, and watch t.v. a great deal. Like you said it worked for him and our family. We also figured out he was compensating visually for what he was not learning auditorily. Our parents, friends and strangers would ask “those questions“ that you mentioned.

Now that he’s a junior in high school he reads and retains information well. He scored a 28 on the ACT, he has a job, friends, is a leader at school and in his church youth group. Go figure… in my estimation his success is 100% him working to learn and knowing he is nurtured and loved, yet held accountable, and we simply cultivated that kind of environment that he could thrive in. The Internet is the ultimate oxymoron where passive aggressive behavior abounds amidst total depravity yet many benefits to the universe abound.

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