Scuffling Phonemes

Funny how the letter ‘F’

Fails to fend off the phoneme ‘ph’

In fact phonetically speaking

I find no fizzling fluff to be behind such stuff!

There’s power in the sound of “F”

And drama in “ph”… funk it up wif’ ‘ralph malph.’

Baffling Greek lingo fingers it’s way with stealth

Affecting the health of the lexicon with ‘ph’ taking the high road

while ‘F’ stays in the gutter that mutherfucker

Finally it all feels like fiddle faddle when considering

The phonetic confusion of “ugh”

Enough is enough if it’s not too rough

It seems a fine time to snuff

the fricative founder of this farce

off this scuffling page of lexical fisticuffs…

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